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I am a Sydney based artist. I predominantly work with cotton pulp as my medium, which is sourced from reused cotton clothing and domestic cloth. The pulp medium is made through a beating process, which occurs in a machine called a Hollander; the cotton pulp medium is sprayed onto silk screens and wall surfaces with a compressor and a mortar sprayer to create my work. This is a unique process that I have developed myself over time.

In my practice I am investigating the use of techniques, processes, imagery, and material languages to explore and describe an imaginative space between the everyday experiences of my urban surroundings and the rural environment in which I grew up. I approached this investigation by first exploring the sense of familiarity that occurs for me when making work connected to the repetitive tasks, daily routines, mechanical soundscapes, and other sensory aspects of work on a farm. In then contrast this with imagery taken from urban street scapes of concrete surfaces and textures experienced while traversing the inner city environment.

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